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More Value on Big Savings

Hiring new staff for your business doesn't have to be expensive. Reduce your staffing cost by hiring new talents with us.

Colleagues at Work

What roles are you looking to outsource?

Lower costs do not mean low quality, thanks to our flexible pricing combined with the lower cost of living in the Philippines. The cost of resources in the Philippines by experience and industry skill, however top quality is guaranteed at all pricing levels.

Available seasoned and starter employees depending on your business needs.

Loan Processor

Proficient in operating various Loan Originating Software (LOS) with experience in the consumer loan industry

$8 – $13 / hour

Customer Service Representative

Processes orders, tickets, customer queries, and provides outbound and technical support.

$7 – $10 / hour

.NET Developer

Uses .NET programming languages (e.g. C#, Visual Basic .NET) and HTML5/CSS3 to write and polish code.

$9 – $25 / hour

Data Analyst

Obtain and maintain information from various data sources and uses statistical techniques and theories to consolidate and interpret data.

$8 – $16 / hour

Software Developer/Engineer

Junior, Mid, and Sr Level Developers 

$9 – $28 / hour

Executive Assistant

Organizes appointments, communications, projects, and liaises with different departments.

$7 – $12 / hour


Reconciles bank and credit card accounts, accomplishes full-cycle bookkeeping tasks, reporting and record-keeping.

$6 – $12 / hour

Data Entry Specialist

Maintains data entry requirements by complying with data program techniques and procedure.

$7 – $12 / hour

Graphic Designer

Creates preliminary design options and pitches concepts and produces logos, banners, basic animations, and interfaces.

$7 – $17 / hour

Software Architect

Junior, Mid, and Sr Level experienced employee

$9 – $28 / hour

Virtual Assistant

Provides support in the appointment setting, project management, content management, and more.

$8 – $12 / hour

Certified Public Accountant

Prepares monthly financial reports, manages GL and completes monthly accruals, journals, fixed assets, and depreciation schedules.

$8 – $15 / hour

SEO Specialist

Provides SEO audits, technical, on-page, off-page and local SEO services for better website traffic and conversion.

$8 – $15 / hour

Recruitment Specialist

Sources and screens applicants by discussing job requirements and qualifications with managers.

$7 – $12 / hour

Technical/ Helpdesk Support

IT Operations (Lead & Manager), Service Desk Specialist from L1, L2, L3, 

$7 – $ 25/ hour

Why Choose UGBS?

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Expand Your Business

You’re expanding your business in the Philippines while strengthening your existing company? We’ll help you ensure that everything works according to your plans.

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Customize Your Needs

We customize your needs according to your current company values, culture, brand and identity.

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Nothing but Professionals

We employ a trained, experienced, and seasoned employees to ensure they will adapt company culture, values, and operational processes.

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We Move Your Business to Success

At UGBS, we move your business to success, simple, stress-free, and incredibly cost-effective!

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Universal Global Business Solutions (UGBS) is different from other agencies, offering jobseekers and employers a wide range of options for their every need. Take a look at the abundance of features we offer to see what best suits you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries regarding any of our work.

2815 -2B Aurora Blvd, Sta. Cruz

City of Manila, Philippines


Philippines: +63 0993 741 5719

USA: +1 609 228 9098

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